What do you use Facebook for

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“Facebook is a social networking website where users can leave comments, exchange photos, and share links to news or other interesting stuff on the internet, as well as chat live and watch short-form video. If you want to, you can even order food through Facebook. Shared information can be made public, shared just with a small group of friends or relatives, or shared with a single person.”

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On Facebook, I do a variety of things, including but not limited to:

  • I’d like to share my life with my parents (really and truly, this is one of the main reasons I post so much to Facebook)
  • Photographs of food and non-food related subjects are welcome.
  • Chat with pals, particularly those who are far away, such as Jennifer Apacible.
  • Share articles and stuff that you find interesting (especially news related articles or things that make you think). I’ve been told that I’m a great link exchanger!
  • My boyfriend and I trade stickers.
  • Keep in touch with my pals and keep them informed.
  • Collaborate on school and student organization group initiatives.
  • Make use of Facebook to log in to other applications.
  • Organize activities for student organizations.
  • Find out about my major/department and honors programmed by joining Facebook groups.
  • Keep up with celebrities, shows, and artists that I enjoy, such as Wong Fu Productions, community channel, George Takei, and others.
  • Saturday Night Live is a sketch comedy show that airs on
  • Play games every now and again.


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