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Doing an apartment inspection is a fundamental step for those who finally managed to organize their finances, get out of rent and invest in the acquisition of a property. This is a moment of great joy, but it is essential to act rationally to avoid headaches in the future.

Even though your wait for the new home has been long, it is not the time to hurry: stay tuned and analyze carefully to find out if the unit has any problems.

Want to know how to do this? Then take a look at the items you can’t miss:

1. Electrical system

The electrical system is one of the crucial points that cannot be left out in an apartment survey, especially in older units or with many years of use. Some time ago, the number of appliances and electronics was much lower, which may indicate the insufficient capacity in the energy framework, for example.

It is also important to make a good visual assessment of switches, sockets and lamps, seeing if there are any evident signs of short circuits or non-functional wiring. Be aware that repairs to this type of installation can become a very high expense in the future.

2. Hydraulic installations

It is not uncommon to see units (even luxury ones) that have serious problems such as infiltrations, leaks and mold, causing damage to floors, walls and in the most diverse environments.

To avoid these damages, make a good visual analysis, especially in the bathrooms, kitchen and service area. Turn on all taps for at least two minutes and see if there are leaks in the siphons. Activate the discharges to see if the water flow is satisfactory and check that the showers have sufficient strength.

3. Ceramic floors and tiles

Essential parts of the beauty and practicality of any property, floors and ceramic tiles also require an excellent analysis before making the purchase. Take a good look to see if there are any damaged parts, which show cracks, cracks and stains.

See also if they are well fitted, showing no signs of unevenness, discontinuities or different shades. Take a closer look at the grout around drains, as it is a place that usually has more contact with water and moisture. Even though this repair seems simple, it can be quite annoying to find replacement parts.

4. Doors and windows

Finally, be sure to check that doors and windows are free from damage such as scratches, cracks or damaged paint. Try to open and close these items to check that they are level and that they do not have any rust spots or flaws.

If there are shutters, close them during the day to see if they have any defects. Assess whether there are light entrances or whether they are doing the sealing as expected. In case of failure, do not hesitate to request the correct correction before closing the deal.

These are the essential items for the apartment survey. By following these tips, you will enjoy your new home peacefully.