personal marketing plan examples


In a competitive scenario such as the realtor, the professional has one more tool to strengthen his image: personal marketing.

In a nutshell, personal marketing emphasizes and consolidates the professional’s qualities in front of the public, mainly favoring his contacts, reputation and interpersonal relationships.

Consistency, authenticity and persistence are keywords that will guide your decisions in consolidating your brand.

Want to know how to develop a powerful personal brand? Check out our tips:

Identify your strengths

The first step in personal marketing actions is to identify your strengths and work to improve them. If you have difficulty in this matter, it is worth asking your most sincere friends and family about the characteristics that deserve to be highlighted.

Punctuality is key

You may have heard the phrase “the first impression is what remains”, and it is very true in the real estate market. If there is a scheduled visit to the property, arrive before the customer and wait for him.

Having responsibility for schedules and knowing how to organize time is essential for any career, in addition to being a habit that positively affects other aspects of your life.

Take care of your image

Following the same idea as the previous tip, taking care of your own image is also important for a solid personal brand. It is always recommended to wear appropriate, clean and well-ironed clothes, in addition to taking care of your hair, beard and nails.

Another important issue is to pay attention to vocabulary. Slang and slang words are out of the question, and it is necessary to be careful with treatment that is too informal.

Be present on the internet

Your personal brand can also (and should) be enhanced in your digital presence. Take advantage of social media facilities to create and develop relationships with your customers and stakeholders. A YouTube channel for the most uninhibited on camera, a podcast or a well-written article about the content you have mastered is a great way to start generating value and positioning yourself as an expert in your field.


You can’t talk about relationships without remembering networking. For a successful realtor, it is essential to maintain a network of contacts, which can be done online, mainly on LinkedIn and offline in training courses and events in the real estate market. Use every opportunity you have to interact with your colleagues, exchange experiences and contacts.

Now that you already know that personal marketing is not a seven-headed bug, start putting the tips into practice and remember: never settle down. Seek constant improvement of your qualities and make success a consequence of your work.