Do you know how to deal with the different personalities of customers? In this article, we will give you some tips!

It is common for real estate agents to focus on developing the best sales strategy like nova city. This includes creating a communication plan, studying the market, etc. However, if the professional does not analyze the different types of clients, he can see all this effort go nowhere.

People are different, they have different personalities and this needs to be understood. To help you understand the differences between types of customers, we have prepared this article. In it, we list the most common ones and explain how to do the right approach. Come on?

Undecided customer

The indecisive customer has a very empty notion of what he needs. He knows he wants to buy a property, but he doesn’t know anything about financing lines, location, type of property he wants, etc.

In this case, the broker needs to be considerate and try to delight the customer, but he must be careful not to invest too much time in an approach that may not immediately generate sales. The indecisive customer usually takes a long time to figure out what he needs.

Confused customer

He knows what he wants, but it confuses important terms – and that can make him get the wrong idea about the business. For example, confusing data from a simulation, not understanding what interest rate is, etc.

Thus, it is up to the broker to be well informed to explain these topics in a didactic way. Remember that not everyone works in the real estate market and that what seems obvious to you can be a challenge for someone else.

Critical customer

He is a person who has, or who believes he has, vast knowledge about the real estate market. This client tries to intimidate the broker with knowledge. Imagine that you are selling a property to another broker. This is more or less the situation.

Therefore, the professional should not be intimidated, maintaining a firm but cordial posture. Do not try to disallow or show that you know more than he does, as this may offend you.

Communicative client

A friendly person who likes to talk a lot, not always on topics related to the business. This behavior can come from insecurity with the purchase, from an emotional deficiency or simply from extroversion of the person.

He is an easy-to-deal customer, but the broker will need to be careful not to lose focus on the one-time meeting: selling a property.

Angry customer

He may be irritated by something that has nothing to do with the business, such as an unpleasant situation he has lived in, or the negotiation. In the first case, try to calm him down or propose to change the date of the meeting, showing that you have no connection with the fact that bothered you. That way, you will earn that person’s trust.

Now, if the bad mood is connected with the purchase, such as bad customer service at the real estate company, try to be objective and helpful to avoid a worsening of the situation.

These are the main types of customers found in the real estate market. Use them as a parameter and develop methods to deal with each one and capture them in the right way. The first step in doing this is to watch people carefully.