Ebook – Questions and answers about real estate financing

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We assemble exclusive material for you to solve all your doubts about real estate financing. Within this file, you will find more than 30 answers to the most common questions of real estate financing.

Do you have a lot of questions about this topic? Real estate financing has evolved a lot in recent years, and its bureaucracy is getting easier and easier. To try to help you, we have assembled exclusive material with the most frequently asked questions that our customers and partners ask us on a day-to-day basis. See some of the most frequently asked questions here. And if you find it interesting, download our complete material with the 30 most frequently asked questions and answers from real estate financing, and stay tuned on this subject. Come on?

1) I already have a mortgage, can I do another one?

Yes, as long as you can prove enough income to take on the financing you want to do. The new financing must fall within the credit policy in force by the financial institution.

2) Is it possible to transfer real estate financing?

Yes. The transfer of the financing will only be possible through the granting of new financing to the applicant, which will be based on the credit policy and legislation in force at the time of the grant.

3) Can properties under construction be financed by a financial institution?

Financial institutions do not finance real estate that is under construction. It is only possible to make the real estate financing of the properties ready and that have inhabited.

4) Can FGTS be used to amortize real estate financing?

It is possible to use the FGTS for the amortization of real estate financing, as long as the financing falls within the CEF rules. FGTS can be used to amortize the outstanding balance, and to change either the value of the installments or the payment term.

Did you already know the answers to these questions? Do you know the most common questions customers have about real estate financing? To update yourself or find out what those questions are, be sure to download our educational material.

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