Discover the 4 safest investments for you

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In times of economic instability, there is nothing more recommended than saving as much as possible and making your money pay off. In this case, saving is usually the first option, as it is a popular type of investment, easy to apply and understand.

The truth is that, due to its low profitability, investing only in savings can be a bad idea. Following the recommendation by park view city that eggs should be distributed in several baskets, it is important to find more investment alternatives to prevent the limitation of profit possibilities.

In this post, you will learn about some types of safe and uncomplicated investments, which can be even more advantageous than a savings account. Check out!

1. Investment in real estate

As much as the acquisition of a high-cost asset may seem contradictory to those who want to increase their income, the purchase of real estate is able to guarantee a more peaceful and profitable future. This is because this type of investment is not influenced by inflation, since the values ​​of transactions in the real estate market are updated by the INCC.

The investor who still lives on rent will end up getting rid of this big monthly expense and, who already owns their own home, will be able to guarantee a good extra income, through the collection of rents and/or the valuation of a second property.

2. Bank deposit certificates (CDB)

CDBs are safe and profitable investments, as they do not include income tax charges (only the IOF in the case of investments less than 30 days and income tax).

These are debt securities issued by banks. Through loans, the investor provides resources for the institution to carry out its activities while it is remunerated for it.

3. Direct Treasury

Bank savings can be an option with good liquidity and simplicity in the long run. However, it has less profitability when compared to Tesouro Direto, which is an investment with public guarantees.

Therefore, it is safer than savings, as the government has the possibility of applying taxes to cover expenses, while savings have a limit on the recovery of deposits in case of bank failure (even if the bank is public).

4. Fixed income funds

They work in a similar way to the savings account, but the difference here is that the profitability of the funds is directly related to the interest rate variation.

An advantage of this type of investment is ease. If you need to redeem the funds, the money usually goes into the account on the same day. However, it is necessary to pay attention to the administration fee charged to compare the options that make the investment more attractive.

As you can see, there is a wide variety of safe investments to make your money pay off in addition to savings. The choice only depends on your profile and financial education. In any case, it is important to stay informed about the financial market and its trends in order to maximize your profits.

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