The real estate market suffered from the economic crisis. The sector that has already experienced a moment of expansion, due to the creation of housing programs, such as Minha Casa Minha Vida, now contemplates a drop in sales and property prices. Creating a sales plan for real estate is a way out of this moment.

But how to do this planning? If you have no marketing and sales skills, don’t worry. In this article by Lahore smart city, we will approach the theme, contextualizing the lessons for the real estate market. Prepared? So, good reading!

Create or update your business plan

The business plan is a study that needs to be done in the initial moments of the company. With it, the entrepreneur is able to find out who his target audience is and who his direct competitors are.

The problem is that this strategy does not automatically adapt to new real estate challenges. Therefore, a company that made its business plan 5 years ago maybe making decisions based on obsolete data.

Invest in digital marketing

Communication has changed a lot and your company needs to be attentive. Therefore, when creating your sales plan for real estate, you need to dedicate space to digital marketing.

Tools such as websites, social networks and blogs are able to improve the capture of information about your customers, creating qualified leads. This is enough to improve the work of your sales team.

Invest in salesperson training

Sales professionals need to be prepared to communicate with the customer properly. This means breaking the investor’s initial resistance, gaining their trust.

To achieve this goal, your team needs to be well-informed. The client may come with negative information about the neighborhood, the financing conditions or the property. He has probably done some research on some topics before talking to the seller.

Therefore, the attitude of the real estate professional should be to educate the client, explaining the reality of the market or the product, so that he feels safe.

Price your sales strategies

All the suggestions in this article have an implementation cost and the real estate company must know them. Sales planning focuses on creating strategies that improve the company’s results but without harming cash. Therefore, contextualize the investments focusing on the reality of your business and market.

This means that you will need to create metrics that can show if your strategy is working. For example: after training the sales team, has there been an increase in the conversion of visitors into customers?

However, be realistic. All strategies have a maturation time, being considered medium and long-term actions. So the sooner you start creating your sales plan for real estate, the better.

As we have seen, sales planning for real estate should be used to face difficult times, but keep in mind that your goal is to increase the sales margin, and not to help the company financially.

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