Attracting clients can be one of the biggest challenges for a real estate agent. Some professionals are frightened because of the growing competition. Others do not have a plan to increase the clientele, being held hostage by the increase in the demand for real estate.

If this is the situation you are in, it is important to understand what can be done to reverse it. Creating an adequate fundraising strategy is no big deal.

Do not believe? So, follow this article to the end!

1. Invest in local media ads

Many people view the ad as an expense, but this is not true. Advertising only becomes a cost when the person does not make that investment in the right vehicle. Otherwise, the ad is a great investment.

The simplest way to make yourself known in a neighborhood is to advertise in the local media. Community radio and local newspapers are excellent ways to talk directly to your target audience. Contrary to what many people believe, these ads are not that expensive.

In addition, this strategy reaches a  more traditional customer share, which is not so comfortable with social networks, for example.

2. Advertise on social networks

On the other hand, if you know that your customer is in the habit of browsing social media, advertising on these platforms can be a good idea. However, even so, it is important to have the support of communication professional.

Sloppy, amateur-looking ads can damage your image. Also, avoid promising what you cannot keep. In addition to being a criminal action, failing to meet a customer’s expectation can permanently close doors.

3. Create content

Investing in content creation is a way to gain relevance on social networks, websites, and blogs. When doing a deal, the client will prioritize for that broker with whom he maintains a relationship of trust.

This trust can be earned with the generation of valuable content in its communication channels. So, avoid posting texts, photos, or videos without proper planning, or a really relevant message. Taking questions from consumers is a good option to gain space on the network.

4. Invest in email marketing

You are likely to subscribe to a newsletter or receive promotional messages from the brands you like best, right? Even though we are in the age of applications, email is still a smart way to win new customers.

For this idea to work, the broker must use an email trigger tool. Also, never send emails to random people or buy an email list. Finally, remember to create useful content for your client.