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ADT Wireless Home Security Systems, Alarms & Cameras at Home Security Shield

ADT is the Top Wireless Home Security Company in the USA

When you want the best for your home and family, you have to think about home security. Danger can come from many directions, and you need a wireless home security company that can help protect you, everyone in your home, and your belongings. When you value what you have, it's never too late to bring in the best service and technology in America to help protect it.

ADT wireless home security monitoring is here for you, your home, and your family every day and every night. You can count on ADT Customer Monitoring Centers 24/7 - 365 to respond to a variety of situations that could put you and your loved ones in harm's way. Your ADT monitored alarm will connect your home to an extensive nationwide network of command centers with secured communications to link you to the best home security technology. ADT brings a sensitive, human touch to the equation with concerned, highly-trained professionals who can help you contain a difficult situation and contact the appropriate emergency personnel immediately.

It is because wireless ADT security systems is so dedicated to helping protect its customers that they are the number one home security company in the United States.

ADT Customer Monitoring Centers help protect your home and family, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. An ADT monitored alarm connects your home to a comprehensive network of four interconnected command centers strategically located throughout the United States. The advanced home wireless security technology - and the trained professionals who back it up - demonstrate ADT's dedication to helping protect you and your family.

Top 6 Reasons to Choose ADT for Your Wireless Home Security Monitoring System

Always On Home Security Alarm Monitoring by Trained ADT Monitors

Home security experts are constantly monitoring your home and ready to respond to your needs.

Fast Home Security Alarm Response Service

Your home alarm signals ADT professionals to notify local authorities so that you can get a quick response to your home emergencies.

Easy to Use Home Security

Simply touch a button on your ADT home security keychain remote to arm and disarm your wireless home security system.

More than a 130 years of Experience

With over 130 years experience in the business of providing security services to homes and businesses in North America, ADT Security Services is the largest single provider of electronic security. ADT helps protect more than six million residential customers in the United States.

Mobile Home Security Cameras Automation

Arm and disarm your security system and cameras from web-enabled devices with ADT Pulse. More than just a remote control for your home security, ADT Pulse℠ offers home automation features such as remote video monitoring and light and climate control.

ADT Home Security Cameras & Systems: Affordable & Even Cheap

ADT monitored protection is available at cheap competitive monthly rates that may save you up to 20% on property insurance.

Your Safety and Home Security is ADT's Top Priority

ADT Home security cameras wireless alarm systems

ADT is not just an alarm and camera company. ADT provideS several home protection services to help keep you and your family safe from danger.

  • Police Emergencies
  • Burglaries and Attempted Entries
  • Medical Emergencies
  • Child and Pet Safety
  • Fire, Heat, and Smoke Sensors
  • Carbon Monoxide Detector
  • Water and Freeze Sensors
  • AC Power Failure

You're Always Wirelessly Connected to ADT for Home Security and Protection


Home Security Systems for Easy Use, Installation and Setup

Install, arm and control your ADT monitored wireless home security system with ease. Arm and disarm with just a touch of a button on the keychain remote.

Wireless Home Monitoring 24 hours a day - 7 days a week

To help protect your home and loved ones, an interconnected wireless system of customer monitoring centers across America ensures that ADT will be responsive to you and the Police Department or guard service depending on location when safety and security issues occur. ADT monitoring makes sure that your home is protected even when you are not there.

Comprehensive Protection from ADT: Cameras, Alarms, and More!

Add home safety monitoring options to your ADT 24-hour alarm monitoring for burglary. We'll provide you with a list of home safety tips. We'll help keep you safe from fire/smoke, carbon monoxide, and many other home emergencies.

Remote Control with ADT Pulse℠

Winner of the 2011 Electronic House Product of the Year, ADT Pulse gives you the option to use a web-enabled computer, phone, or tablet to arm and disarm your home security system.

Top 5 Reasons to Buy a ADT monitored Home Security System

Top 5 Reasons to Buy a ADT monitored Home Security System

ADT: Dedication to Customer Satisfaction

Our number one priority at ADT Home Security is to provide you with the very best in customer service. Our Call Center is open 24 hours a day to answer any presale questions you may have, day or night.

We are the Best Experts in Home Security: Wireless Security, Cameras and Everything You Need

Don't make such important decisions about the safety of your home and family without getting the best expert advice. Want cameras and wireless security to ensure the safety of your home? We not only know ADT's monitoring services intimately, we are experts in home safety and security. If there is something you need that ADT mornitoring doesn't have, we'll help you find it.

Our Commitment to the Privacy of Your Home

Where your privacy is concerned, you can feel confident about visiting our website and speaking to our customer service representatives. Your privacy is protected during installation and monitoring of your ADT monitored security system as well.

Free, No-Pressure Phone Consultation about Your Home Security Options

We Offer you convenient, hassle-free phone consultations to discuss your home security needs and help you arrive at the best solutions to keep your home and family safe.

Convenient, Fast and Cheap Home Security Deals & Packages

We make every effort to make sure you are happy with our service and packages. We will arrange the details of your installation to save you time and money.

What some of our customers have said about their wireless ADT monitored System...

"I feel so much safer knowing that ADT monitoring helping protecting me and my family. I'm less jumpy and hyper-alert to everything that goes bump in the night. Now we all relax and enjoy our home, confident that ADT will respond quickly if anything bad happens." -Timanda K.

"The ADT monitored system is so simple to use that my aging mother is bragging about it to her friends. I can't tell you how relieved I am to have ADT watching out for her since Dad passed. She can stay in the home that she has lived in most of her life and all of us kids don't have to worry about her getting emergency response when she needs it." -Robin P.

"Thank you, ADT, for providing a system that not only protects my house and everything in it, but saves me a boatload of cash on insurance. And I love using ADT Pulse to keep an eye on things when I'm traveling." -Sam W.

ADT Monitored Home Security helps keep your home & neighborhood safe

ADT Monitored Home Security helps keep your home & neighborhood safe

It is no wonder that millions of home and business owners across the United States depend upon ADT for security. After all, ADT is the #1 security company in America. With over 138 years of experience in developing security solutions, cameras, and technology, it is no surprise that more than six million residents depend on ADT. Surely you can trust that your home is well-protected with ADT monitored home security.

Your ADT monitored home security system will help protect you, your family, and your property from home invasions and burglary, as well as threats such as carbon monoxide, fire, temperature changes, and flood. Our cameras, alarms and ADT monitoring ensures that you have access to an emergency response team no matter where you are in your home.

When you display your ADT yard sign and decals on windows, you let everyone know that you have chosen the best in home security to help keep your home safe. Home intruders don't want to mess with a property that is so well-protected and your neighbors will feel confident that ADT Customer Monitoring Centers will notify the fire department if there is risk of a fire - reducing the likelihood of the danger spreading to other homes.

The home security experts at Safe Streets USA are ready to answer your questions about home security system packages and give you advice on how you can better keep your home and family safe. Give us a call today at (888) 518-0167. ADT monitoring systems will help give you the peace of mind that you need to know that your loved ones and valuables are protected by America's #1 home security company.

Home Security Tips & Advice

Get tips and advice on how to help keep your home and family safe from danger, no matter where you live or work.

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ADT Pulse℠ Interactive Solutions Services, which help you manage your home environment and family lifestyle, require the installation and/or activation of an ADT alarm system with monitored burglary service and a compatible computer, cell phone or PDA with Internet and e-mail access. These ADT Pulse Interactive Solutions Services do not cover the operation or maintenance of any household equipment/systems that are connected to the ADT Pulse Interactive Solutions Services/Equipment. Not all ADT Pulse Interactive Solutions Services are available in all geographic areas. You may be required to pay additional charges for equipment and services required to utilize the ADT Pulse features you desire.